incident reporting for Homeowners’ Associations (HOAs)

Managing a private community takes a lot of time and energy, and Homeowners’ Associations often find themselves struggling to keep up with residents’ maintenance requests and community covenant violations. Residents hold high expectations that HOAs will uphold their legal obligation to ensure that residents’ monthly or annual dues (assessments) are appropriately allocated to maintain and improve common areas and other fixed assets.

Even the most organised HOAs find it difficult to document and delegate maintenance requests and community covenant violations effectively and efficiently. When response times take days or even weeks, residents are left feeling frustrated by a perceived lack of response by their HOA … and eventually, that frustration turns into anger. And, angry, frustrated residents are more likely to voice their concerns publicly (and often in a confrontational manner) at quarterly or annual HOA board meetings, or by enacting costly legal proceedings against their HOA for breach of contract.

Risqover’s multi-user functionality makes it easy for HOAs to conduct thorough community inspections — and for residents to report maintenance requests and covenant violations — in real time. Risqover’s administrative dashboard provides HOA management with a categorised, comprehensive view of all known issues, making it easy to track recurring problems and violations via detailed, timestamped logs. Risqover's affordable solution for community facilities management helps HOAs ensure that residents’ reports are received, acknowledged, and dispatched to a designated individual, team, or contractor responsible for delivering a solution or fixing the problem in a timely and professional manner.

Safety and security never take a holiday, and Risqover is on duty 24/7. Risqover provides communities of every size with round-the-clock coverage, ensuring that even the most remote or exclusive communities receive the world-class service that residents of private communities have come to expect.

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