incident reporting for schools

From the classroom to the playground, educational equipment and facilities endure a lot of wear and tear in a given school day. It should be no surprise that parents, teachers, students, and staff expect that school officials will do everything they can to create a safe and secure learning environment.

Unfortunately, accidents happen … and even the most well-designed buildings may develop problems over time. In a given day, school employees may encounter everything from a clogged toilet or basketball net in need of repair … to washroom graffiti, stopped classroom clocks, malfunctioning climate control systems, or broken equipment in the cafeteria or canteen.

Thankfully, Risqover makes it easy for school employees to report safety or maintenance issues immediately to a designated individual or department so they can provide an effective and efficient response to the situation. And, Risqover's customised reports take the guesswork out of tracking issues or incidents no matter the size of your organisation — from a single building to multi-campus school districts and parishes.

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