incident reporting for Enterprises

From franchises to factories, enterprise organisations face a host of unique challenges that can complicate cost-effective approaches to facilities maintenance and management. With multiple locations, employees, vendors, and customers to manage, important information about outages, equipment failures, service disruptions, or other impediments to day-to-day operations may not make its way to decision-makers until it’s too late.

While experts are quick to suggest that enterprise organisations should standardise processes, streamline procedures, and automate communication to improve efficiency and reduce costs, few are able to offer turnkey solutions for facilities maintenance and management reporting that do not require a significant investment in equipment, training, and recurring licensing fees.

Risqover is Europe’s trusted enterprise solution for reporting, tracking, and resolving routine and emergency facilities maintenance disruptions. Risqover delivers 360° visibility across multiple locations, making it easy to manage fixed assets. And, Risqover provides instant notifications, delivering realtime information to designated individuals or teams, enabling decision-makers to adjust operations and allocate resources accordingly to reduce risk and maximise operational capacity.

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