incident reporting for SMBs

Running a successful small or medium-sized business isn’t easy. Success is earned through hard work, sacrifice, perseverance, and personal investment. Savvy entrepreneurs know that they must also uphold their obligation to keep customers safe while also ensuring that facilities are fully operational and delivering their expected return on investment. And, the most successful business owners know that details matter, and that cost-effective operations are dependent on the ability to maintain detailed working knowledge about any barriers to delivering customer satisfaction.

Risqover makes it easy and affordable for business owners to save time and money. Risqover automates facilities and emergency maintenance reporting, allowing employees to report outages, service disruptions, broken equipment, and more in seconds. Risqover eliminates costly delays caused by lost paperwork or poor communication by immediately delivering critical information to designated individuals within an organisation who are empowered to resolve the problem.

Business owners love Risqover because they are able to keep track of recurring issues and maintain their preferred degree of managerial oversight from report through resolution. Risqover takes the stress out of day-to-day operations and facilities management while providing business owners with the information they need when they need it most.

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