iso audits

The International Organisation for Standardisation is responsible for developing best practices that make things work in sectors as diverse as technology, healthcare, agriculture, and food safety. These standards, known as ISO, are “voluntary, consensus-based, and market relevant,” and they exist to “provide world-class specifications for products, services, and systems to ensure quality, efficiency, and safety.” ISO standards are also used by many businesses and organisations as strategic tools designed to reduce costs, increase productivity, and minimise waste and errors.

To receive ISO certification and maintain good standing, businesses and organisations must be able to demonstrate that they are able to meet and exceed all of the requirements for each certification. ISO audits require businesses and organisations to thoroughly evaluate the processes and procedures used to justify compliance with ISO standards with comprehensive, detailed documentation.

Risqover makes it easy for businesses and organisations to manage facilities and fixed assets by removing paper incident logs and archived files from the equation. Risqover is a secure, paperless, mobile solution that makes day-to-day management and annual audit reporting quick, affordable, and painless. Risqover centralises all incident reports and provides comprehensive digital logs that can be accessed from anywhere in order to track recurring problems, identify risks, and track routine and emergency maintenance issues in realtime. Let Risqover help you meet and exceed your ISO obligations.

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