fitness clubs

Keeping fit requires discipline and dedication, and the same rules apply when it comes to keeping fitness equipment in good working order. More importantly, malfunctioning gym, sports, or fitness equipment creates a significant hazard and risk for injury.

In today's competitive market, sports and fitness club members expect that broken or malfunctioning equipment will be labelled appropriately, taken out of order, and repaired quickly by trained experts and professionals. Unexpected injuries due to broken or malfunctioning sports or fitness equipment can and should be prevented at all costs with proactive facilities maintenance and regular inspections to ensure that everything is in working order.

Smart sports and fitness club owners know that their brand reputation is dependent upon the cleanliness and safety of their facilities and amenities, along with the professionalism of their staff.

Risqover makes it easy for fitness club owners and staff to immediately identify, report, log, and track broken or malfunctioning equipment to ensure that clubs are able to keep their promises and prevent injuries from happening. Risqover puts safety first, making it easy for everyone on your team to report what they see, when they see it.

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